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Help Your Child Relax Into Getting Successful Tests Results!

Taking tests is an integral part of life. From an early age, we’re expected to take tests in schools to assess our understanding, awareness and levels of performance for many subjects, be it academic, sports, vocational, extra curricular activities or pastimes, the subjects can be endless.

When it comes to our children having to take tests, it can be a daunting experience for them (and us).

The thought and prospect of taking tests is usually met with a sense of dread, anxiety and fear for most.

Studies reveal we learn behaviours of fear, dread and anxiety from others; for instance, there comes a time during the first few years at school where the teacher announces at some point that imminently there will be tests, the atmosphere in the classroom can change due to the reactions of some pupils, having a knock on effect on most.

That experience when we are made to stand up and spell in front of the class can affect us negatively when we make spelling errors or forget what we are meant…