The Kids Are At Home

How to encourage and help your child facilitate using their imaginations to play and learn on their own, without the TV or Tablet (At least for a while each day so you can get a break!)

Ok, so we’ve been thrust into a new way of life by a situation called COVID 19

We’ve been forced to isolate ourselves away from our loved ones, families, our children from their schools, colleges, universities and learning and activity facilities. Our medical services are now discerning about who they make seeing a priority and are not so easily accessible. 

All the things we have taken for granted are no longer available to us temporarily, such as gyms, classes, hair salons, beauty treatments, restaurants, coffee shops, venues, events...the list goes on. 

As adults, we are more adaptable, given our logical reasoning which allows us to conclude that this challenge is a temporary one, however alarming and at times frustrating this situation can be. 

It’s not quite like the summer school holidays or end of term, however. 

At least in the school summer holidays and end of term there were places that we could take our kids to! Playdates, sleepovers, outings, events, trips,holidays abroad! Classes, adventures, camps, more playdates. We could easily pop out for provisions to set up something for their entertainment, to keep them occupied and ourselves sane! 

Most of us find it a challenge when we’ve got the kids home all day. 

In generations past, we had a ‘village’, family members living closer in proximity to help with kids, more community spirit and closeness to keep an eye out, a sense of safety and freedom to let them play outside. Somewhere along the way,with society developing as it has, we’ve lost a lot of that.

That’s how most of us coped, with all of these opportunities for keeping the kids busy and stimulated, especially during the long school summer holidays, and by the time they were due back to start a new term, most of us were exhaling with relief at the thought of having them have the structure of school back, and us getting some of our “me” time again. 

Now with most of us either working from home, others either having lost their jobs or having their jobs compromised, families are having to redistribute funds, or think about what they’re going to do for income, these privileges we have on hold to keep our kids occupied are not in our reach, at least for a while.

Hell's teeth, we, for safety reasons, can’t even take them out for longer than an hour, and we all know kids need more than just an hour. The problem is, as parents and caregivers, we’ve got a lot more on our plates of late ! 

What is it that we can do to keep them stimulated and occupied, and give us some respite to allow ourselves to create some solutions, alleviate and find a harmonious resolution for our situations?

Not easy, it’s going to take patience we may not have, navigating our way around home schooling supervision, play, meals, and being mindful of not allowing habits to get out of control such as too much TV or time on the tablet. 

To get our kids to even be congruent and in agreement with anything is to help them to a calm relaxed state. 

How do we do that?

Here’s an effective way of guiding your child into calmness and relaxation before bed in order to give constructive, confidence building suggestions to help them to connect to their imagination and use it to enjoy some alone time in a safe, calm manner, keeping them stimulated and creative...and at least for a little while each day!

When I Squish My Eyes Shut is a collection of exercises that you can carry out with your kids at home! Get yourself a Kindle copy on amazon.


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